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Sycamore Life Sciences Brands 

Argos Technologies Logo

Argos Technologies was founded in 2003 in Elgin, Illinois and focuses on four main areas of the lab: liquid handling, benchtop equipment, general laboratory consumables, and last but certainly not least, cryogenic storage. Their innovative bi-material caps for cryogenic vials are the best in the industry and can be used easily in conjunction with the widely used Argos cardboard freezer boxes that have been a favorite in labs sine 2003. 


BrandTech Logo

BrandTech. One of the first brands that Sycamore added to its portfolio was BRAND, no pun intended. BrandTech Scientific is committed to quality and exceptional customer service and it shows. The liquid handling products offered by BrandTech continue to earn ergonomics awards, year after year. A favorite in the lab, BRAND pipettes are reliable, accurate, precise, and easy to use. Contact Sycamore today to discuss BRAND products with us. 


CellTreat Logo 

CellTreat. Quality products at a great price. Since its inception, CellTreat has focused on bringing together their first hand experience in cell and tissue culture and their entrepreneurial spirit and it shows. From competitively priced serological pipets to unique products like their Plasteur pipets, CellTreat continued to innovate. Contact us today about promotions on CellTreat products. 

Excel Scientific Logo


Excel Scientific is leading brand in the sealing film and sealing foil space. From AbsorbMax Sealing Films which are designed for black light absorption and protection of light sensitive samples to SealPlate ColorTab Films that are designed for ELISA, EIA, and similar assays and feature colored dots and a white writing for easy plate identification. Look no further than Sycamore and Excel Scientific for your sealing film needs. 

Globe Scientific Logo


Globe Scientific has been a fantastic partner from the very beginning. Some of our customer favorites from Globe include microscope slides, cover glass, borosilicate glass culture tubes, cuvettes, and transfer pipettes. From academic research to veterinary clinics and biotechnology companies, Globe Scientific is a reputable brand. 


Greiner Bio Logo


Greiner Bio brings industry leading microplates to laboratories across the world for diagnostics and research. From drug screening to immunology, Greiner has a plate that will fit your needs. The µClear plates from Greiner are some of the most competitively priced transparent bottom microplanes in the industry today. Contact Sycamore for more information about Greiner Bio plate surface treatment and promotions. 


Heathrow Scientific Logo


Heathrow Scientific is a premier supplier of quality microscope slides trays, boxes, and mailers at competitive prices. They’ve become one of the most popular brand for tube and store racks with unique configuration options that will optimize space in the lab. Contact us today for your lab storage needs and we’ll find the right solution for you. 


Nasco Logo


Nasco. This innovative company located in the farm hills of Wisconsin brought the first sterile sample bags to the market in 1959, Whirl-Pak. The Whirl-Pak product line continues to be the industry leading sample bag because of its unique ability to serve as the bag to be used for not only product content, but quality control, and legal compliance. Whirl-Pak bags have a leakproof closure, puncture proof tabs, and are guarantee sterile with additional features for easy identification. Contact Sycamore for our Whirl-Pak promotions today. 


Scilogex Logo


Scilogex is quickly making it’s mark as a leading supplier of liquid handling and bench top equipment in life sciences research. From the ever popular hotplates and overhead stirrers to newer product lines like dewar flasks and the iPette Plus electronic single channel pipettes, labs can expect top notch innovative products from the Scilogex brands. In addition to their innovation, Scilogex stands behind the quality of their products. All liquid handling products come with a 1 year warranty and all bench top equipment comes with a 2 year warranty.


VistaLab Logo


VistaLab has the most ergonomic liquid handling portfolio in the industry today. From their ever popular MLA pipettes in the clinical setting, to the innovative Ovation pipettes that are quickly becoming a favorite in labs across the country, VistaLab has a pipetting solution for you. Also consider the cutting edge Wobble-Not serological pipets from VistaLab. Their patented design prevents leaking and of course, wobbling. 


Whatman Logo


Whatman is synonymous with high quality filtration products and has been a leader in the industry for generations. Sycamore carries the entire Whatman portfolio, from filter membranes and filter paper to the new and innovative G2 Mini UniPrep syringe less filters. For all those water treatment companies out there that are looking for a partner in their supplier, consider Sycamore for your filtration and testing needs. 


LW Scientific Logo


LW Scientific has grown over the last 20 years to serve many industries, including medical, reference labs, electronics, veterinary medicine, bio-research, and epidemiology.  




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