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Biotium Biotin-11-dUTP, lyophilized

Vendor: Biotium

Mfg Part Number: 40029-1

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Quick Overview

1x 50 µg


Price: $200.00 / Reagent

Price Per Unit: $4.00 / µg

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Quick Overview

1x 50 µg


Biotin-11-dUTP can be enzymatically incorporated into DNA via nick translation, random priming, or 3′-end terminal labeling. The number ’11’ is the number of atoms in the linker between biotin and dUTP. Biotium also offers biotin-16-dUTP (40022, 40022-1) and biotin-20-dUTP (catalog nos. 40030, 40030-1). The length of the linker affects the incorporation efficiency of the biotin-dUTP probe into DNA using DNA polymerases, and it also affects biotin/avidin or biotin/streptavidin. In general, the shorter the linker, the more efficiently the biotin-dUTP is incorporated into DNA by DNA polymerases. On the other hand, a longer linker should facilitate interaction between biotin and avidin or streptavidin.

- Lyophilized solid more suitable for long term storage. The product contains -lyophilized TE buffer.
- Store at -20°C
- C28H41N6O17P3Sli4
- MW: 886.5

Additional Information

Buffer Lyophilized
Concentration N/A
Label Biotin
Nucleotides dUTP
Number of Preps N/A
Protocol Time N/A
Quantity 50

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