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#2 Diesel Fuel Oil (High Level), SPEX Certiprep S-DF2-20K

Vendor: SPEX CertiPrep

Mfg Part Number: S-DF2-20K

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Quick Overview

Analytical Technique: GC,GC-MS
Volume: 1 mL
Hazardous Shipping: No
Price: $39.33

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Quick Overview

Analytical Technique: GC,GC-MS
Volume: 1 mL
Hazardous Shipping: No


Components Include:
Diesel Fuel (CAS #68476-34-6)

SPEX CertiPrep is a leading manufacturer of Certified Reference Materials and Calibration Standards for Analytical Spectroscopy and Chomatography. SPEX is certified for three levels of ISO Accreditation; this includes ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34. ISO 17025 is specifically for orgnaizations carrying out testing and or calibrations and requires technically sound products. ISO Guide 34 is specifically for reference material producers and is designed to ensure traceable and accurate reference materials.

SPEX CertiPrep is well known for the detail provided in its Certificate of Analysis, often referred to as the SPEXertificate. The Certificate is accredited by A2LA for Organic and Inorganic Certified Reference Materials. This complies with ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC Guide 34. In addition, for Claritas PPT and Assurance Standards, the certificate includes an analysis of the 68 elements that are scanned with found values with each elemental impurity being listed with the actual value found, not limitd to elements above detection limits. The trace impurities detailed are of the final soultion, not of the starting material. Finally, the C of A is stamped with the month and year of shipment as well as the signature of the Manufacturing and Quality Officer.

Additional Information

Brand SPEX CertiPrep
Volume 1 mL
Certification Guide 34, ISO 17025
Storage Temperature Ambient
Hazardous No
Analytical Technique GC, GC-MS
Standard Type Organic Reference Material
Matrix N/A
Vendor SPEX CertiPrep

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