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Greiner Bio-One Advanced TC™ Flask, High Profile, Plug Seal Cap, 40 Flasks

Vendor: Greiner Bio

Mfg Part Number: 661960

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Quick Overview

175 cm²
650 mL
Plug Seal Cap
40 Flasks, 4 Flasks/Bag
Price: $485.45 / Case

Price Per Unit: $12.14 / Flask

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Quick Overview

175 cm²
650 mL
Plug Seal Cap
40 Flasks, 4 Flasks/Bag


Greiner Bio-One's Advanced TC™ T75 Cell Culture Flask features polymer modification for fastidious or sensitive adherent cells. The Advanced TC™ polymer modification changes the plastic surface in a way that increases primary and long-term cell adhesion and positively influences cell-dependant features and function. Furthermore, this polymer modification facilitates consistent cell attachment, increased cell yields and homogenous cell growth, permitting for the usage of serum-reduced or serum-free media.

Flask is sterile, free of detectable DNase, RNase, human DNA Non-Pyrogenic, non-cytotoxic.

Product Details:
Growth area: 175 cm²
Total Volume: 660 mL
Working volume: 20 mL - 85 mL
Storage Temperature: Room Temp
Shelf Life: 2-Years

Additional Information

Brand Greiner Bio
Cap Type Plug Seal Cap
Packaging Resealable Bags
Material Polystyrene
Size 175 cm²
Flask Surface Advanced TC™
Type Tissue Culture Flask
Flask Volume 650 mL
Tunair Flask Products N/A
Number of Flasks 40
Sterile Yes

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